Chenab's R & D Centre, located in Mumbai, is equipped with state of the art development and quality assurance tools. The Centre is among the first software companies to be recognised by the Government Of India.

The Centre conducts research in the areas of Quality and Process improvement, optimization of methodologies and introduction of internet technologies.

The Development work focuses on solutions for Exporters, Importers, SCM, Logistics, B2B, Collaborative Commerce and Security.

Current Research & Development Programs

Some of the current Research and Development programs at Chenab includes :

  • Maintaining an efficient quality management system planned and developed to cover all aspects of our business and through the affective application of the system including continual improvement of the system and prevention of the non-conformity.
  • Tuning of Web bases EMS to ensure that it runs fast even with a low bandwidth using internet.
  • Enhancing EMS so that it can handle requirements of all verticals without much customization.
  • Collection and Analysis of Project metrics and the resultant changes to our Quality Procedures.
  • Enhancing Online support facility to support customers at all locations in India and abroad.

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