Quality Policy

We, at Chenab Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd., are committed to satisfy the customer with respect to Quality, Delivery and Safety at an Agreed Cost.

All our actions would be planned and executed to fulfill this objective consistently through the collective involvement of all employees.

This goal shall be achieved by

  • Maintaining an efficient quality management system planned and developed to cover all aspects of our business and through the affective application of the system including continual improvement of the system and prevention of the non-conformity.
  • Providing and encouraging an environment for continuously enhancing quality in all aspects of our business through improvement in management functions, suggestion schemes and waste elimination techniques.
  • Need-based training and educational programmes for all the employees of Chenab.
  • Commitment to invest in latest computing environments, techniques and tools for R& D.
  • Continuous data collection & analysis, planned management reviews and course corrections.

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